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Black & Decker TS2080-B5 Sandwich Maker



Black + Decker presents the 2 slice interchangeable multi plate sandwich toaster and grill. Preparing delicious, wholesome and healthy sandwiches/ wraps and/or paninis has never been easier! Both plates come in a non-stick coating which can only to the pleasure of cooking. For better control, the sandwich maker is provided with thermostat control. The plates get heated but keep the exterior of the sandwich maker cool, adding to convenience. You can easily identify the ready status of the sandwich maker with the help of ready to cook light. The sandwich maker has fixed sandwich plates and has a lock on the lid to ensure proper heating.

Interchangeable Plate Function

The toast and the grill plates are interchangeable. You can choose the specific plate of your choice according to your cooking need.

2 Slot Sandwich Maker

Both plates are designed to accommodate 2 sandwiches for convenience.

Grill Plate

The 2 slice interchangeable multi plate sandwich toaster and grill comes with a grill plate as well. Be ready to make several dishes like burgers, wraps, sandwiches or paninis.

Non-Stick Coated Cooking Plates

The non-stick coated plates make them easy to cook and clean.

Lock-on Lid

The lock-on lid is added safety feature. The same will lock plates once the sandwiches are in process. This traps the heat as well as ensures there are no accidents.

Thermostat Control

This convenient feature helps keep control of the temperature to suit your toasting needs.

Indicator and Ready to Cook Light

The Indicator and ready to cook light ensures the user is aware when the toaster is ready to use or when the food is ready.